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tv   [untitled]    March 14, 2011 8:00am-8:30am EDT

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thanks. neal. media to fear of a third blast of the fukushima nuclear power plant have abated after steve was pointing to an unstable reacted to cool it down to its systems failed eleven people were injured on monday morning in a second blast obviously to see prince friday for devotees make. two pounds and people have. piles of still missing more but a hundred aftershocks of the magnitude of by hit japan since friday that make a quake rescue service is stretched the limits are around the country. emergency officials are on high alert as
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a russian spy raised in fact early in the region close to japan's pulled are concerned about the threat of nuclear contamination. japan's economy is such a suffer significant losses after being hit by one of the worst earthquakes in its history more in business in twenty minutes. the news libya's rebels and losing ground as colonel gadhafi forces push through your position the stronghold in the east but with no plan of action allied constant struggle local c b n c they're rare instance. a very warm welcome to you this is are you live from moscow with me alice heard the precarious situation that japan's fukushima one nuclear power plant stay blind somewhat after engineers managed to pump seawater into
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a third reactor in danger of overheating got a second blast since friday's devastating earthquake rocked the site early on monday injuring eleven people will despite this official still insists radiation levels remain within. limits but up to one hundred sixty people could happen exposed to radiation in the two explosions so far people with a twenty kilometer radius of the plant have been evacuated to safety all this has been triggered by the negative wait followed by the giants the nonny eighteen one hundred people are now confirmed dead but that number is expected to rise by many times that he's either that it is in sendai one of the towns west affected by the huge wave but another reactor at the fukushima power plant number one reactor is now in your service heating it lost its cooling mechanism which is crucial to stopping nuclear meltdown and what this means it could lead to overheating and
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another explosion similar to the two other process we've already seen that one could happen now what they're doing to try and prevent that is by pouring on seawater into the reactor to try and cool it down and that's what they did to the other plants unfortunately that didn't prevent any explosion when the explosion of this happened earlier today according to the company the nuclear reactor that holds the radioactive material is still intact which is crucial to preventing. age an eclipse catastrophe. eleven people were injured in an explosion. on the tokyo electric power company they say radiation levels are within the legal limits in fact significantly lowered the levels that a warning needs you should get on top of that they are. a huge area twenty kilometer radius. around the nuclear power plant. and two
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hundred twenty thousand people have been evacuated to safety however six hundred people still remain in the area they want about your age group enough so they've been told to stay inside so it's not be exposed to any radiation we know also that the radiation has leaked out more far afield than that according to the new york times and reuters a u.s. aircraft carrier off the japanese coast hundred sixty conses into the pacific ocean . with a geiger counter they need to be in a cloud of smoke that radiation was above the normal levels. stead standing on deck crews crew members receive radiation it's all about the same as they would do normally in a month so their normal not at a critical level. like thing showing but people lining up outside supermarkets wanky we saw at the main supermarket in a center town with. a lot that's no exaggeration people been queuing up overnight
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to try and stock up on seeing people obviously concerned that. potentially the spread of radiation might mean they have to stay inside or not the earthquake could lead to food shortages already there are a shortage in town and in the whole prefecture in fact one man here we met and told them he commented on food and. right now several of the food shop for limiting people to try them and then having a few up. time to get into the stock but. there is some level of people on showing it. on the furniture but there definitely can be very much as i am looking up on food and also fuel on the way here yet last night we saw a long queue of cars again of course the lawn outside one of the few petrol stations that were there were open in the publishing of prefecture. and there only being limited to twenty liters each petrol the authority. on
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true police take a sleeping lining the streets cheering for the people off the train people can make their way we were trying to get this film pictures of the devastation caused by the tsunami three days ago and every foot of two hundred meters of the police telling divesting are going after the damage is absolutely complete. you don't get a real feel for it until you actually see he actually get to the cave but it's worked very in. the tsunami completely wiped out everything in it are very clear that he came he reached a clump. just in nine minutes all in the great been absolutely incredible force there is what down three buildings very hard floating in what appeared to be an inland sea it is absolutely devastating you didn't fully
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understand intent fully realize the power of the must to wield it until you actually see these pictures and we saw people sifting through what remains of what was left of there were. as well and. it's. been washed up seven kilometers inland so clearly the damages. are threats inland. there are a few buildings damaged in the sense of the things concerning pretty much. normal and i'm very encouraged. and i can see on the road running for americans the trains are still not out of fears of aftershocks and eventually another tsunami. says that nuclear safety officials are saying there is little to no danger of a need to know people happening in japan however imagine things were going on high alert in the country as
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a form easter weekend clase to northern japan our correspondent in that job is that route. now as we've been getting reports about the second explosion at fukushima recent really high there is a radioactive catastrophe and a cloud could reach this region of russia the emergence is ministry say they have reinforced checks of the radiation levels here and say that as of now they stand at less than the average for this area but residents fear that what today might look like candlelight snow could turn into a said rains tomorrow so many choose to leave and mostly tourists are not residents of this region as for the locals here most of them try not to panic and to run about their businesses as usual and they also say that features they're now seeing in japan look so familiar to what they had been through several years ago. this is how the earth i trust looks like you can hardly see the needle tracing the
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waveform as a heart monitor for that is listening for every beat but things can change quickly . now seen in the real time a new earthquake is here in japan this is the wave trace it's strong it has a magnitude of six point five. this is what another quake of magnitude nine translates into. your eleven is not new to quakes has been running they say snake station in russia's far is over twenty years now but even for him pride is advance came as a painful and vivid reminder he and his old friend survived an earthquake of similar in town city and civilian in one thousand nine hundred ninety five they don't need t.v. reports to know what the people of japan are experiencing now. you know it was a sustained sense of vertigo ceilings were caving in the first thing i did i rushed
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to my daughters i grabbed the older one while my wife took our newborn and we rushed into the street thank god we live on the first floor. yury two was lucky to back it quickly but dozens of their friends were buried alive the morning we drove to the innocents and if the ghost several locals were in a car with us we arrived and there was nothing the tunnels no longer women start hauling and men quench their thirst and can say a word used to be streets and houses had been turned into earth just. then have to go risk earthquake was russia's most destructive in a hundred years over two thousand people died the town was never a built up the sea snake station was real it was shut down shortly after the collapse of the soviet union and yuri was left without chop but the earthquake changed all that not only was the station reinstated dozens of new ones had been
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built these times mosco calls you read several times a day. we are always on high alert hopefully we performed better than the americans asians was the first to report the earthquake was so quickly felt insecure lena's this is the closest part of russia to japan and while it's an army threat has receded there's no relief for the people here where the danger now one of the nuclear catastrophe everyone here understands that in the worst case scenario it will take a radioactive cloud less than an hour to reach the coast of russia except in a virtual r.t. from the civilian region. well russia is sending aid and rescuers to japan to help them are all fighting an army as well as to prepare for a potential. ferry that's clear from the phone conversation between president.
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and prime minister. going to the japanese embassy to lay flowers and messages of condolence and memory of the many thousands killed in friday's quake and tsunami russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov stopped by his personal checking. all of our reports on russia's down really. a russian emergency's ministry plane has arrived in japan already know that contains fifty rescuers and aid workers as well as humanitarian aid now looking at things like shelter tents blankets food water we've heard already in the program there in very short supply in japan these aid is now getting into the country from russia there's also a helicopter from the emergencies ministry which is being given the green light to enter japanese airspace no that's expected to go to the areas worst hit directly in those areas worst hit by the earthquake and tsunami that contains another twenty
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five aid workers and more supplies. aid for the people on the ground there over the weekend russia already pledged energy to try and help the situation urge upon drawing about thirty percent of all its energy from its nuclear power stations they've been severely disrupted following the earthquake and tsunami and of course the the going disasters taking place at fukushima course moscow has experience with dealing with a serious nuclear accident chernobyl the worst in. history of course happening in ukraine and from ukraine we can now hear from the alexy out a shift he talks about what russia could bring to the table should force. nuclear disaster be on the cards at painful trip down memory lane alexander often goes to the thirty kilometer h. or not was exclusion zone in ukraine but every visit evokes sad emotions twenty five years ago what is now the ghost town of where you got which was his home
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before the chernobyl fallout changed everything. you know i didn't come here just to take photos it still feels like home. i spent my best childhood years here along to here. and even those who've never been here before come and feel the car. so they want to come back here. and look somebody is one of hundreds of thousands whose address changed after april the twenty sixth one thousand nine hundred eighty six the place is one of the youngest districts in the late one nine hundred eighty s. houses sprung up here literally overnight many of those who had to leave their homes in the chernobyl area found their home here a total of three hundred thousand people had to be resettled from the contaminated blood and this new life came at a high price for some reason the soviet authorities meddled with the evacuation from the contaminated zone fifty thousand residents the town just three kilometers
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from the exploded reactor were subjected to a great deal of radiation that sounds former deputy mayor says this dreadful mistake was caused by a mass confusion which followed the last. of those who asked the question don't quite understand what it takes to evacuate as many as fifty thousand people you simply can't do it in one hour or in two hours but we brought thirteen hundred buses here from kiev and we had to inform people bring them together and in the first place we had to understand whether we actually needed the evacuation order even specialists in the first stages didn't know whether the reactor was destroyed a quarter of a century since the disaster the thirty kilometer area around the plant is a nuclear wasteland for period for radioactive particles is believed to last several thousand years so all this land would hardly ever be inhabited again however sound like this elderly man were not put off by the radioactive threat and
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decided to return after the soviet union collapsed. when i was moved to here they gave me a flu. and in israel. not enough to make a normal living that's why we return movies here and we grow. besides nowadays more people come to this cursed post but all that really stop worrying is some food money. as the news of a nuclear incident at the fukushima plant in japan broke out the first thing the authorities did was to evacuated residents within twenty kilometers of the facility green to five years ago people of the affected area were less fortunate the reaction of the japanese government suggests that the lessons of chernobyl have decades later been learned let's see reporting from kiev ukraine what does find the latest blast in precarious situation japan's nuclear safety agency is still reassuring the public that there was no possibility of
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a normal style accident. but while maintaining calm but robert j. cobb says authorities that made themselves aware of just how dangerous things could get. historically i can tell you that in every situation like this when there is a nuclear industrial accident there is a very there's two different programs underway one is the program to control the problem and the other is the program to manage public opinion in the case of managing public opinion there is always a desire to present the opinion and present a perception that the government is in control and that there is no undue danger and there's no reason to panic often the need to control this kind of perception runs counter to the actual information which may be useful to people about whether they're in danger or not people rely on the government to give them accurate in the nation about what the threats are so there's never been a case where the information has been accurate and useful so there's no reason to
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believe that the government is now not engaged in trying to manage public opinion and manage perceptions that this crisis is not so bad and perhaps that's accurate but we know that for a while. well we're following all the latest developments in japan since a massive earthquake and tsunami descended the country into chaos on friday immediate fears of another glass of the fukushima nuclear power plant have abated somewhat after water was pumped into an unstable react to cool it down after its system failed while many people remain concerned about radiation levels with up to one hundred and sixty reportedly exposed so far people living within a twenty kilometer radius of the plant have been evacuated to safety locals are also expecting power outages go areas will be divided into groups with rolling three hour blackouts it's all part of the plan to keep the country's crippled
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electricity grid operational the country has been battling a domino effect problem since little weight eighteen hundred people have been especially confirmed dead but one number is expected to rise by many times two angles and boardings have reportedly been washed up in the my ugly district alone another thousand was found in the town of minimal following riku the government there planes up to ten thousand people are missing which is more than half the local population meanwhile we're also getting reports of a shortage of food water and fuel prime minister not account has called it the country's worst crisis since world war two russia has sent a team of rescuers to help with really the efforts russian's the mode as minister has vowed to send additional help if japan requests it. ok let's turn our attention to libya now colonel gadhafi supporters are pushing back the opposition reclaiming more and more cities in the rebel stronghold of the
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country where the opposition may be experiencing defeats government troops unsure of their victory without a plan or anyone to help them stabilize the country all is clear brings us the latest on this shaky battle for power. every fighting continues particularly in the eastern part of libya and around the town of brega the government troops have been firing rounds of ammunition and conducting is strikes the latest word we have is that the town is now so me in the hands of gadhafi is meant they also be making their way eastward where there is a significant loss it is the latest in a series of setbacks to face the rebel troops who just a week ago had most of eastern libya in their hands and we're talking about a march on the capital city tripoli now i'm in tripoli as you can see it is very quiet it has in fact been quiet all along and it almost seems a lot of the bill that rebel forces were talking about a march on the city a united nations delegation is in town they are meeting with
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a government deal trying to coordinate relief efforts while at the same time we've heard from human rights watch they are warning that if it's by the government of stifling opposition voices in tripoli is alarming and dangerous now the biggest problem facing the rebels is that they are loosely organized they lack leadership and the enthusiasm that has been binding them and motivating them back until now so he seems to be reigning they have issued a call for the international committee to implement a no fly zone but they do emphasize that this must not leave any kind of foreign military intervention they are warning that without some kind of international involvement though at least a half a million and libyans will be sorted by the gadhafi regime the situation on the ground is chaotic the front line keeps shifting forwards and backwards people here really are scared they do not know who to trust they do not know which way to turn and they do not know what the future holds now the u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton is in paris mandation will be meeting with
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members of the libyan opposition there she will then travel teachin is here and egypt the meeting with the opposition coincides with the g eight summit their ministers will be discussing the implementation of the no fly zone and some kind of foreign intervention the whole question of the no fly zone has to be presented to nato. choose date france is pushing heavily forward while there are others an international community such as russia who are strongly against it the u.s. defense secretary robert gates says that the united states has the ability it has enough power to enforce it if the decision is indeed made to go ahead with it on saturday the arab league was the latest in the international community to come on board and give the nod to a no fly zone now it does seem certainly that the clock is ticking and time is running out increasingly analysts are warning that the situation in eastern libya could change into a kind of somalia where you have these small feudal groups each run by a warlord policia r.t. tripoli. we'll have more on the situation in libya in his interview with. the arab
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commission for human rights that's next hour but right now let's get. the japanese disaster from our business there. hello and a very warm welcome to the business news japan's economy is set to suffer significantly after being hit by one of the biggest earthquakes in its history while the country's infrastructure is seriously damaged the nation's investor class doesn't the south and west seem to have been spared the worst and many local carmakers that it drives farms and world refiners have shut down keep that try as were all the crisis that damaged nuclear plants north of tokyo is threatening to cause an energy squeeze that could set back all sectors of the economy some ports in tokyo and solve resumed operating after all we were initially closed to meet warnings of aftershocks. and to discuss the possible economic repercussions of the disaster
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we're now joined by chris with her chief strategist the two elsie thank you very much for joining us chris so how hard will be economic said but before japan but short term it's obviously going to be a very severe shock and you can see from the pictures there is clearly a lot of damage a lot of disruption and particularly the warnings of power shortages that would obviously extend the consequences across the broader part of the country and that's where the real effect will be so it's still very early nobody frankly has only a great idea to the extent of the damage or a long lasting it will be or even the cost of rebuilding so you can see that in the stock market behaviors where you can feel are sort of holding fire waiting to see what happens next particularly waiting to see if there is any follow up only for as a revenge or a need to ration of the nuclear plants but short and we're going to see a big slowdown that's inevitable and then it's just a question of you know how quickly the country king can start rebuilding and start and that you know in terms of site sequence well you know
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a shorter reaction would be very negative rebuilding of such a massive scale of course and then lead to a very strong boom afterwards so we're to see what the consequences are right and we know japan is the world's biggest third biggest. what a conscience everything that has happened to have on other countries and especially russia so yeah again we'll see what they're up he will be consequences save is the world's third biggest economy but actions the government in japan take to rebuild our economy will have broader implications for example if the country pumps in a lot of cash into the economy today the point in one hundred eighty three billion dollars so if they follow that up with some of the considerable financial reserves they have then we could see a much weaker yen has to try to develop. exports that then could have consequences for other economies that are also trying to compete in it for global trade you know actually rebuilding in such a massive scale can have positive benefits for a country like russia which is the world's biggest supplier of materials. you know
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so there will be consequences it's just hard to define what they're going to be right now that initially the impact potentially is negative and we love to see have to watch for the indicators of the next couple of months longer term that can be more positive as they rebuild. you've mentioned one hundred eighty three dollars to get the financial system liquid so will that be enough what do you think oh no we soon to this is just you know the first reaction to date and it make a strong statement from the bank of japan but they're willing to support and you can me japan has the world's second largest financial reserves there are going to have been considerably more money in terms of whether it's tax breaks or grants or correct funding whichever way they eventually do it there will be a lot more money pumped into the japanese economy and i say that there should be enough money to to rebuild and to create future growth but it will almost inevitably lead to weaker yen is that extra cash comes in this is less because of
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the price of oil which have been particularly volatile during the recent years considering that japan is one of the major oil consumers when we see a significant oil price drop if demand falls well if it wasn't for the fact that we're also looking at libya right now we would have certainly seen a much bigger price for the price of oil because japan is a significant in order as you say. and that clearly they're going to import less over the next couple of months before maybe we get back something normality invade iran but the main driver in the oil market right now is still the middle east and folks in the middle east and the threat of supply disruption and particularly i think what helped the oil price from falling last friday and over the weekend is this news of the rest spreading to sell the rabies eastern province in its biggest oil production region so the threat of disruption in the middle east is still the dominant factor and that's helped avoided big of price fall in the in the gold
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prices. right ok chris with strategist thank you very much for your analysis. that's all we have time for knol but please do join in lesson one last time for more business news here on r.c.m. capital store as well web site archie dot com slash business. a little bit with.
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her is that so much i can tell you but you know larry summers of. a different interest to get across.


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